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Preparing your landscape for new growth and spring color.

Spring is an exciting time for those who love colorful flowers, new growth and warmer weather, but getting your Texas landscape ready requires some planning and preparation to ensure success. Here are some tips to consider when preparing for spring color: Clean ups, Cutbacks and Pruning Start by removing any


Paving a Path to Sustainability with Hardscape.

Stunning landscapes come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Sometimes we want a large lawn or lush gardens and other times or in other places, we want clean, low maintenance, sustainable simplicity. Hardscape walkways, patios, plazas, walls or other structures provide spectacular beauty that is water wise, functional and low

It’s time to lighten up with flexible and beautiful landscape lighting.

Dial up the visual drama with the latest landscape lighting options and get more from your landscape investment. Well-designed outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy and extend your landscape’s beauty and functionality well after the sun goes down. It can foster mood and ambiance, provide needed safety, boost curb appeal

Is your landscape ready for winter?

Yes, our area gets severe winter weather occasionally. So, it’s best to plan ahead to protect your landscape assets, and the Terry’s Landscape Team is here to help! Texas winters can be unpredictable and we are just entering what is usually the coldest part of the year. Much of your

Tree Service: Caring for your most important Landscape Assets

Trees are often your landscape’s most valuable assets and increase in value as they grow and mature. They provide dramatic curb appeal and can help conserve energy by providing shade in summer and protection from winter winds. Beautiful, healthy trees can also boost your property’s value by 5 to 20%.

Tree Care|

Up your curb appeal with budget-friendly enhancements.

If you’re looking for a quick and painless way to freshen up your landscape and outdoor living areas without breaking the bank, consider some of our favorite budget-friendly enhancements. From seasonal color to beautiful and textural pavers, there are ways to make a big difference with a manageable budget. Replace

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