Careful maintenance for your landscape in the fall will keep it safe in the winter so that it can flourish again in the spring. Proper care goes a long way in protecting your investment and seeing long-term growth as the years go by. Consulting experts about your specific landscape needs can make sure your bases are covered and you don’t miss any vital steps. As a general rule, mulching, fertilizing, and pruning will keep your plants happy and healthy as the weather cools off.

fall maintenance

Mulch is like a nice winter coat

Mulch is necessary to keep roots from freezing during the winter. Putting down mulch in the fall will protect your plants from temperatures swings that are sure to come. It’s very important that plants stay hydrated even during dormancy, and mulch can help regulate moisture in your soil. A thick layer of mulch can help regulate the temperature, promote soil health, prevent erosion, regulate moisture and protect against mechanical injuries.

Feed your landscape

Fertilizing will keep your soil healthy and promote an increase in plant and root growth the following spring. Incorporating a blend of probiotics can protect against disease, insects, and changing weather and temperatures. The right blend of fertilizers can enrich the soil and fortify your landscape to withstand the elements and grow thick and lush. Consult an expert to determine the optimal blend of nutrients for your landscape.

fall maintenance

Cut back to move forward

As the colors start to fade, your plants and trees will need to be pruned. The experts at Terry’s Landscape can cut back your perennials to make room for fall foliage and cool weather loving plants. They can also examine your plants and trees and prune any dead, diseased, or damaged parts. Make sure to have any tree limbs pruned that may cause damage to structures if subjected by heavy wind or ice.

Ready for fall maintenance? Contact the professionals at Terry’s Landscape to get expert care for your landscape as the seasons change.