Knowledgeable property care for your landscape now will help protect from fall and winter cold snaps and prepare landscapes for beautiful growth in the spring. Mulching, fertilizing your turf, and pruning will keep plants and trees happy and healthy as the weather cools off.

prepare landscapes

Benefits of Mulch
Putting down mulch in the fall protects plants from temperature swings during cold months and helps roots avoid freeze damage. A thick layer of mulch promotes soil health, prevents erosion, regulates moisture and protects against mechanical injuries. Adding mulch also creates a beautiful rich color and texture which gives your planting beds a clean and healthy appearance.


Get an Irrigation Inspection
While there will still be plenty of sunny fall days ahead, sudden cold snaps require quick action to protect and drain vulnerable irrigation equipment like pipes and backflow valves. Be sure to have your irrigation professional review what winterization steps might be appropriate for your system and adjust the watering schedule for optimum water efficiency in cooler seasons. Over or under watering can damage plants and structures. The irrigation experts at Terry’s Landscape are happy to help you prepare landscapes and make sure your system is designed, adjusted and maintained properly.

prepare landscapes

Prune and Trim
As seasons change, plants and trees need to be pruned or cut back to make room for new growth and cool weather plants. An expert should examine trees and prune any dead, diseased, or damaged parts – as well as dangerous limbs that may fall during severe weather. It’s also a great time to swap out summer color for beautiful fall and winter flowers and foliage. And, don’t forget that spring bulbs need to be planted in the fall!

Set your property’s landscape up for seasonal success with a fall clean up and cool weather color today! Contact the professionals at Terry’s Landscape to get expert property care this fall.