Texas winters are unpredictable and we are just entering what is usually the coldest part of the year. Just because much of your yard is dormant doesn’t mean that you can forget about landscape care for the season. Winter care is essential. Neglecting your landscape during the winter can damage your investment and make it difficult to get back on track come spring.

Here are a few tips to make sure your winter landscape stays beautiful and ready for spring growth:

winter care

Water Management
The plants and shrubs in your landscape need the right amount of moisture to be able to survive the cold winter months. Our climate tends to provide either too much or too little rain, so we can’t count on natural precipitation to be reliable or predictable. New plantings and trees are particularly sensitive. Appropriate drainage control and irrigation management is essential for a successful landscape, even in the winter.

Prune trees
Winter is the ideal time to shape up dormant trees and keep them healthy with proper pruning. Make a point to remove any dead, damaged, or diseased limbs that detract from natural beauty or that could be damaged or become dangerous if severe weather brings wind, snow or ice.

winter care

Mulch provides benefits all year long
Adding mulch to your landscape helps to moderate temperature swings that can lead to injury to plants, helps retain moisture and helps with weed control in the spring. Mulch also contributes to soil health and helps prevent erosion or mechanical injury from lawn equipment.

Install landscape lighting
Brighten up your winter landscape by installing landscape lighting. We offer energy efficient LED lighting solutions that will give your property an ambient glow, extend the usefulness of outdoor spaces and offer a variety of benefits, from safety to aesthetic appeal.

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