Spring is finally just days away and the Terry’s Landscape team is busy making sure each of our clients’ properties are ready for warmer weather and beautiful spring growth. That means it’s time for some spring clean ups and cutbacks in preparation for the return of our colorful perennials and the installation of new batches of bright annuals.

clean ups

Clean ups
Our maintenance professionals are cleaning out dead plant material, adding fresh mulch and making sure that turf and flower beds are ready for new plantings. Now is a great time to make sure your turf is properly fertilized and irrigation adjustments, repairs or upgrades are completed. How is your hardscape looking? Is it time to replace that cracked concrete with stylish pavers?

Cut backs
Another task that helps prepare your landscaped areas for spring is a careful trimming of shrubs, pruning trees and cutting back perennials and other plant material to make room for new growth. Our professional arborists know exactly what each tree and shrub in your landscape needs to thrive, so make sure these valuable landscape assets are well cared for by knowledgeable experts. Well executed cut backs will help your existing plants fill back in with fresh, vigorous and healthy foliage and blossoms.

Finally – seasonal spring color!
Installing fresh annuals provides a splash of spring color each year and can be designed to suit your changing style each season. Our talented designers can help you select, design and plan the installation of just the right mix of beautiful flowers. Our Texas climate can be hard on delicate blooms, so make sure and trust certified experts to select the right plants for your specific area and conditions.

Contact the experts at Terry’s to schedule your landscape’s spring clean ups and a consultation or installation for beautiful seasonal color today!