outdoor paradise

What does your perfect outdoor paradise look like? Chances are it’s much different than mine, or your neighbors or friends. You have a style and a lifestyle that’s all your own. The way you entertain friends, your family’s favorite outdoor activities or how you unwind will all be uniquely yours. So, when it comes to creating your perfect outdoor space, consider your lifestyle and create a space that fits perfectly. There is no need to settle for cookie cutter solutions.

Your outdoor space.

A well designed outdoor space will bring together beautiful lighting, unique furniture, hardscape and other elements that suit your style. From a simple patio to a fully integrated indoor/outdoor living room, the options are unlimited. Select furniture that is designed for both comfort and for outdoor durability. You can even design seating right into the hardscape features of your landscape with a stone, wood or concrete bench and comfy cushions.


Natural elements that add beauty and comfort.

Earth, wind, fire and water are the four primary elements – and you can creatively integrate all of them into your landscape and outdoor living areas. Add a warm and welcoming fireplace or fire pit for cozy evenings and cooler weather. During the summer, bring in a little wind with a stylish ceiling fan. Of course. nothing is more soothing in Texas than a sparkling water feature, pool, spa or fountain. Feel the elements around you for immersive outdoor enjoyment.

outdoor paradise

Form follows function.

We all enjoy relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, but make sure and list the things you like to do and the functionality your space will need. Will you be grillling and cooking? Be sure to consider the needs of your grill station, outdoor kitchen and food prep areas. If you like to exercise, make your pool a lap pool or include a fitness zone or yoga retreat in your plan.

Consult a professional.

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your perfect outdoor paradise. If you can dream it, you can create it! However, to assure a high quality design, a smooth install process and an end product that will suit your lifestyle for years to come, be sure to consult a true pro. The outdoor design experts at Terry’s Landscape would love to help you get started! Contact us today!