Stunning landscapes come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Sometimes we want a large lawn or lush gardens and other times or in other places, we want clean, low maintenance, sustainable simplicity. Hardscape walkways, patios, plazas, walls or other structures provide spectacular beauty that is water wise, functional and low maintenance. Replace that muddy spot in your turf with a gorgeous gazebo or outdoor kitchen. Create textural pathways through your property and frame beautiful flower beds with cut stone retaining walls.


Natural stone is a classic, long lasting material and can be used beautifully for almost any application. From fire pits to pergolas, walkways or walls, stone is a time tested favorite. It comes in every color and texture imaginable and always adds eye-catching, maintenance free beauty.

3/4” Porcelain Tile
Sturdy porcelain tile is great for walkways or other high-traffic outdoor spaces. It will create a clean and modern look for your outdoor common spaces and it adds a sustainable element to your landscape. A good quality porcelain tile is frost-resistant, skid-resistant, available in a variety of colors and offers high breakage loads.


Pavers integrate easily into your landscape and come in a variety of colors, textures and sizes. They offer a solution to old concrete walks or driveways that can get worn, stained and cracked over time. They are often interlocking, so they move as a system, which means no cracking and little to no maintenance. When our designers consider paver systems, they look for strong, durable, environmentally friendly options that improve your landscape’s look and sustainability over time.

Permeable Surfaces
Permeable pavers allow water to return to the soil and help reduce run-off and erosion. We like to incorporate permeable pavers as they conserve water, improve irrigation, offer aesthetic appeal, and are low maintenance.

Sandfinish Concrete
Want to add an elegant update to concrete? Explore the options achieved by using a sandfinish process. This adds an attractive, refined surface that is not slippery when wet, but is smooth to walk on and soft visually.

Consult with one of Terry’s Landscape design experts to see how you can upgrade your outdoor spaces with hardscape and enjoy more beauty, durability and sustainability.