Imagine having invested thousands of dollars in a beautiful new landscape design and installation, only to watch your newly planted trees, shrubs and flowers start to dwindle and die after a few short months. Unfortunately, too often poor water management practices result in damage and the need for replacement or repair of landscape materials and structures. To avoid such setbacks, making sure you have a well designed, well programmed and well maintained irrigation system and adequate site drainage is essential.

Inspect your existing system.
Every irrigation system should be inspected for leaks, needed repairs and proper programming each season. Leaks and broken heads not only waste large amounts of water, but will also damage sidewalks and foundations, and the resulting over-watering will kill plants. Over watering lawns and gardens often causes more damage in plants and flowers than under-watering, so it is important to make sure that that pipes and heads are secure, and controllers are adjusted and programmed for the specific zones and plant types that they water.


Be Smart when installing a new system or upgrading your existing system.
Using smart irrigation technology, an irrigation professional can design a system that responds to local weather conditions to water based on your specific plant types – preventing runoff and promoting deep rooting. The irrigation design will include hydrozones, allowing plant groupings based on watering needs. The latest technology saves water while keeping your plants healthier. It can even detect and shut off leaks. Many elements of a smart system can be added as upgrades to an existing system.

Proper drainage helps keep soil moisture at the right levels.
Do you see standing water in your landscape after rains or after the sprinklers run? With careful adjustments of your landscape grade, addition of swales and when needed, installation of drain pipes, water can move properly off your landscape avoiding damage and standing water. Don’t let tree roots drown or give mosquitos a place to breed. Make sure that good site drainage is part of your water management plan.

The Terry’s Landscape Team includes trained and certified irrigation and water management experts. Protect your landscape investment with well-designed irrigation and drainage. Contact Terry’s Landscape today to get an inspection and to implement your own beautiful and water-wise landscape!