If you’re looking for a quick and painless way to freshen up your landscape and outdoor living areas without breaking the bank, consider some of our favorite budget-friendly enhancements. From seasonal color to beautiful and textural pavers, there are ways to make a big difference with a manageable budget.

Replace that stained and cracked concrete.
Old concrete walkways, driveways, patios and retaining walls often get cracked, discolored and worn out as time goes by. A relatively easy upgrade with eye-popping results is to replace that tired concrete with new, stylish pavers. They come in a variety of materials, patterns and colors and can transform an unremarkable space into a stunning statement of style! They also make your landscape more sustainable and functional when you replace areas of hard to maintain turf or muddy spots with durable weatherproof pavers.

budget friendly enhancements

Stone, gravel and mulch.
Upgrade your planted areas, walkways and more with creative use of stone, gravel or mulch. Enjoy a sleek modern look or a rustic hill country feel depending on your taste with well designed selections of decorative rock and stone. Gravel walkways or planted beds layered with high-quality mulch or gravel create durable and beautiful landscapes that are also water-wise and sustainable when combined with native plant selections.

budget friendly enhancements

Seasonal color for the win!
Nothing adds curb appeal to a property like lush seasonal color from healthy, thriving flowers and foliage. Have your beds cleaned out, perennials cut back and fresh mulch added as you install colorful flowers carefully chosen for your Texas landscape and the seasonal temperatures ahead. Consider adding decorative planters and pots overflowing with colorful flowers. Trust an expert to help you achieve the look you desire and at a budget you can enjoy.

Ready for some landscape enhancements? Contact the professionals at Terry’s Landscape to keep your curb appeal ahead of the game all year long.