outdoor living spaces

October is arguably one of the best months to be outside in Texas. The cooler weather, festive activities and fall colors invite you outdoors. Enjoy the outdoors more fully by taking your living room outside. When it comes to outdoor living spaces, the possibilities are endless. Whatever your style, you can customize an environment for your favorite activities.

outdoor living spaces

Movie & Game Nights

Bring on the popcorn and enjoy your favorite movie under the stars with outdoor entertainment systems. Yes, it is possible to find a TV that can stand up to the crazy Texas weather! Weatherproof TV’s from brands like SunBrite are specifically engineered for the outdoors without sacrificing viewing quality. Surround sound systems can provide amazing sound quality while being strategically concealed from sight. Watch the big game from comfy furniture upholstered with durable and stylish outdoor fabrics.


Whether it’s game-day or a birthday, you can celebrate deliciously with a state-of-the-art kitchen in your own backyard. Enjoy a traditional or egg-style grill and then savor your culinary creations at a dining table, outdoor bar, or seating area. You can even go gourmet with top of the line appliances, beverage coolers, sink and prep stations and more.

Create your personal oasis

Climate control, sound masking, privacy screens and hardscapes can add comfort, seclusion and functionality. Outdoor fans can keep a cool breeze blowing, or for cooler months a heater or custom fireplace can create a cozy retreat. A bubbling water feature or music from a sound system can mask the sound of passing cars or noisy neighbors. Surround your outdoor living spaces with sound masking plants like climbing vines or hedges to keep your space private and full of natural inspiration.

Discover even more ways to get outside and enjoy this October by contacting the professionals at Terry’s Landscape today.