Trees are often your landscape’s most valuable assets and increase in value as they grow and mature. They provide dramatic curb appeal and can help conserve energy by providing shade in summer and protection from winter winds. Beautiful, healthy trees can also boost your property’s value by 5 to 20%. Healthy trees can last a lifetime, so it makes sense to consult trained professionals to keep them protected and thriving.

Schedule a checkup for pests or disease.
Do you have at-risk trees? A routine check up on your trees will help to make sure they don’t fall prey to pests or disease. Fungus can also kill established, mature trees if not caught in time. Our experienced experts can diagnose and prescribe treatments as needed. A deep root fertilization treatment or foliar fertilizer may be all it would take to get them looking healthy and beautiful!

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Winter water management
We often forget about watering trees during the cooler seasons since other plants’ watering requirements drop off. When your irrigation system is winterized this season, make sure you have a watering plan to get your trees the moisture they need. Trees have a wide range of water needs depending on the species and variety, so ask one of our tree service experts for help.

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Trees need to be pruned for safety, health and beauty.
Fall is a great time to have a specialist look at your trees to diagnose problems and take action because the leaves are still on the trees, making it easier to identify issues. Pruning is important to protect trees, people and surrounding structures from limbs breaking off during windy conditions and severe or icy storms. Pruning done by experts will remove fall risk and improve the trees’ overall look and health.

Fall is also a great time to plant trees! Consult a Terry’s Landscape tree service expert today to keep your existing trees thriving and to determine what new trees would be best and most beautiful in your landscape.