Keeping up with the latest trends in landscape design and maintenance may not be something you spend a lot of time on, but we do! Our outdoor living and design experts keep up with the latest practices, materials and options, so you don’t have to. Here are some current trends that we are keeping track of and are integrating into our client’s outdoor spaces.

design trends
New Surface Options
A durable and functional outdoor space relies heavily on high quality surface materials. For example, the latest 3/4″ porcelain tile is weather resistant, beautiful and easy to maintain. Consider using these sturdy tiles on your patio, walkway, or other high-traffic outdoor spaces. It’s frost-resistant, skid-resistant, and offers high breakage loads. Synthetic Turf is an option if you have areas in your yard where you aren’t able to grow grass. This material has come a long way in recent years and is durable, low water, low maintenance, has a realistic appearance and is great for smaller outdoor spaces. Permeable surface options are also great to consider in hardscaping projects as they help conserve water, improve irrigation, offer aesthetic appeal, and are low maintenance.

Sustainability is always in style.
With Smart-water technology quickly becoming industry standard equipment, be sure your landscape service provider has the ability to switch you to a remote access, weather-responsive irrigation system. Water-wise, and/or native plants are also important to factor into any landscape looking to improve sustainability. They tend to be more durable and use less water, while still providing beautiful color and texture all year long. Proper use of mulch, stone and hardscape will all increase sustainability in your South Texas landscape.

design trends
Technology for the great outdoors
Smart irrigation equipment isn’t the only high tech equipment making a difference in outdoor living. Every year there are new and improved options for weather-resistant A/V equipment and more. Create your dream outdoor home theater with the latest comfy furniture, climate control options, programmable LED lighting and cutting edge audio and video tech – all designed specifically for the outdoors.

Contact the outdoor living experts at Terry’s to explore the latest trends and options available to make your outdoor living experiences luxurious and beautiful!